One Cool Trick to Stand Out: Add a Fundraising Video

Razoo has been around since 2006. When our platform started, crowdfunding was a new concept online. There were only a few platforms you could use at that point. But over a decade later? The crowdfunding space has gotten a little, well, crowded. Thousands of new fundraisers are published every day … on each platform. The challenge of […]

Fundraising Gala 101: 4 Tips to Planning an Awesome Spring Gala

Spring fundraising season is upon us! And for many nonprofit organizations, that means your annual fundraising gala. But there’s a reason why CBS rated event coordinators as having one of the most stressful jobs, on the same list with police officers and airline pilots. Planning an event like a fundraising gala is hard. It requires so […]

Nonprofit Donor Management Made Easy with Razoo

Donor management is a critical piece to any nonprofit’s development. Without the ability to analyze current support for your organization, it’s difficult to find the right opportunities for growth. Plus, it’s an efficient way to strategize and inform future fundraising decisions, while cultivating meaningful donor relationships. That’s why it’s important to have effective Customer Relationship […]

Animal Rescue Fundraising: Our Top 10 Tips

Animal rescue fundraising seems like it should be easy, doesn’t it? You just show some cute pictures of kittens and puppies and the public is sure to donate, right? Wrong! It’s true that animal rescues have good fodder for fundraising. But it’s certainly not easy. In fact, there are some pretty huge challenges in animal rescue […]

Planning Your 2018 Communications Strategy

What makes some nonprofits heavy hitters who bring in millions in donations? A strong communications strategy. A communications strategy is all about understanding why people donate to charities, and utilizing that knowledge to talk to your supporters. So, why do people donate to charity? You might be tempted to say, “Well, people donate to charity based on […]

5 Things to Love About Razoo Premium

Happy Valentine’s Day from Razoo! We consider Razoo Premium our love letter to nonprofits. We considered your needs, listened to your feedback, and worked day and night to create fundraising tools just for your nonprofit. It really was a labor of love! We poured our hearts and souls into creating and perfecting our Premium features. […]

Premium fundraising Tools for nonprofits

Premium Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits on Razoo

Razoo is here to make fundraising easier, more powerful and less expensive for your nonprofit. This means having the most modern fundraising tools for nonprofits, including: peer-to-peer fundraising, giving events, supporter engagement, donor management, analytics and more. Razoo is the best all-in-one fundraising solution available anywhere. With our new Premium plans, your nonprofit has more […]