Fundraising Photo Tips!

Nothing brings fundraising pages to life better than photos. Why just tell your story when you can show your donors exactly what you’re doing with bright, beautiful images. You can show the smiling faces of your volunteers, capture the excitement of a big event, or share your project’s impact. Plus, photos are instantly shareable, meaning […]

Meeting Needs Worldwide

As you read this, people around the world have needs that desperately need to be met. Today, we’re proud to feature organizations that are doing just that: finding creative ways to give to those who need assistance right now. Whether its covering bare feet in Central America or providing care to those still reeling from […]

All About Education

Give To What Matters Gordon College shares why they support education. Remember your favorite teacher and how they were the one that understood you and always helped your reach your potential. Or maybe it was a coach that showed you the sport you now love and challenged you to always better yourself. Gordon College is trying […]

Bring Your Live Fundraiser Online Through Social Media

Live fundraising events are great ways to create excitement around your cause and meet your supporters in person. Whether you are selling cookies or having a full blown gala, incorporating social media and online fundraising to your live event will drive attendance and additional donations. Below are ideas to bring your live event online at […]

Why Join #GivingTuesday On Razoo?

What is #Giving Tuesday? Gearing up for the holiday season, so much of the country is focused on consumption: Eating decadent meals on Thanksgiving, lining up for blockbuster sales on Black Friday, shopping for the latest gizmos and gadgets on Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday was started by the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the […]

5 Tips to Evolve Your Crowdfunding Strategy

Your crowdfunding campaign can be a gold mine, and not for the reason you think. Fundraising is your chief aim … but is it your only one? Don’t let it be! Consider crafting a crowdfunding strategy. Nonprofits that have evolved their crowdfunding campaigns are looking well beyond the obvious fundraising aspect, realizing their campaigns can achieve […]