Sports Fundraising Ideas: Razoo’s Top 25 Sports Fundraising Ideas

25 ideas from the Razoo team to kickstart your sports fundraising efforts! From standbys like fun runs to outside-of-the-box sports fundraising ideas, we’ve got everything you need to keep your sports team funded! Sports can be life-changing for many. Organized sports teach children the value of teamwork, practice, dedication, and how to win and lose with […]

The Razoo Guide to Donor Engagement and Retention

You do all the hard work to bring in new donors when you have an event, or a special campaign. But what happens next? Razoo has the scoop on keeping your donor engagement and retention. These steps will keep your donors invested in your cause, and keep them coming back to donate time after time.

Razoo Spotlight: An Everyday Philanthropist Bikes 108 Miles for Autism

Kenneth is biking 108 miles for Expandability, a nonprofit dedicated to creating opportunity for adults with autism. Kenneth DeGraff is attempting something he’s never done before: a 108-mile bike ride from Baltimore, Maryland to the sandy shores of Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach. And he’s taking on this impressive feat for a meaningful cause — helping autistic adults. Kenneth DeGraff on […]

Build a better Fundraising Website for your Nonprofit with Razoo

Your website is critical to your online fundraising success. Your next fundraising campaign is right around the corner. You work hard developing a strong communications plan, a comprehensive multi-channel strategy that blends email outreach, social media and more. How much time do you spend ensuring your fundraising website closes the deal and converts those followers […]

Using Data to Drive Your Fundraising

Learn what data is, how it works and how you can use data to kickstart your fundraising efforts Crunching mountains of data can seem like a boring task, but giving attention to the right metrics can unlock the next level of your fundraising success. If you collect the right data, you can use the numbers […]

Team Up to Win: Win a Facebook Boost For Your Team From Razoo!

Contest announcement: Win a boosted Facebook boost from Razoo to help your team cross the finish line! We’re all about collaborative impact at Razoo, which is why we spent so much time revamping team fundraising on our platform. You have more customization options that ever, new tools to manage your team, new ways to recognize your […]

Razoo Spotlight: Rock Star Takes A Stand for Standing Rock

A southern rock band starts a personal fundraiser to support protesters and activists at Standing Rock. Valient Thorr is a Southern rock band that formed in the early 2000s and is known for its rock/heavy metal music. However, this band is also known for something else that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with rock and roll: their […]