Planning Your 2018 Communications Strategy

What makes some nonprofits heavy hitters who bring in millions in donations? A strong communications strategy. A communications strategy is all about understanding why people donate to charities, and utilizing that knowledge to talk to your supporters. So, why do people donate to charity? You might be tempted to say, “Well, people donate to charity based on […]

5 Things to Love About Razoo Premium

Happy Valentine’s Day from Razoo! We consider Razoo Premium our love letter to nonprofits. We considered your needs, listened to your feedback, and worked day and night to create fundraising tools just for your nonprofit. It really was a labor of love! We poured our hearts and souls into creating and perfecting our Premium features. […]

Premium fundraising Tools for nonprofits

Premium Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits on Razoo

Razoo is here to make fundraising easier, more powerful and less expensive for your nonprofit. This means having the most modern fundraising tools for nonprofits, including: peer-to-peer fundraising, giving events, supporter engagement, donor management, analytics and more. Razoo is the best all-in-one fundraising solution available anywhere. With our new Premium plans, your nonprofit has more […]

10 Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Finding the right fundraiser for your school can be a challenge. You have to consider the age of your students, the participation level you can expect from parents, the time and resources your school and teachers have available to run the fundraiser. And as we discussed in a recent post, some popular school fundraising methods […]

The Low Down on Nonprofit Data: What You Should Be Tracking

In olden days nonprofit fundraising, donor records, notes and analysis were kept in filing cabinets and organized on spreadsheets. Important details about donors lived mostly in the heads and personal notes of development professionals. But we live in the age of data. Everything you need to know about your nonprofit, and your donors, can be […]

razoo's webinars for nonprofits

Crowdfunding Crash Course: Razoo’s Top 5 Webinars for Nonprofits

Razoo was founded to help small nonprofits fundraise better, and that has been our company’s focus since 2007. We spend most of our time perfecting our nonprofit fundraising tools, but we also provide free webinars for nonprofits. If you’re new to Razoo in 2018, or weren’t in the know about Razoo’s free nonprofit trainings, here […]

Top 4 Tips for Fundraising for Rare Disease Organizations

This is a guest blog for Razoo by Anna Suarez, a rare disease advocate. Fundraising can be a chore for nonprofits, but also an essential part of their successful operation. Asking an over-stimulated public to agree that your cause is worthy of their time and hard earned money can be challenging, especially when there is […]