Creating Your 2018 Fundraising Plan

Are you ready for the year ahead? Now that you’ve made it through the busy year-end fundraising season, there’s no better time to start planning for your fundraising efforts and start creating your 2018 fundraising plan. But, what does that entail?

    • Set realistic, attainable goals for your nonprofit to achieve
    • Review your 2017 data and analyze meaningful results
    • Streamline your resources and maximize efficiencies
    • Deepen engagement to help achieve your 2018 goals

Have questions on how to get access to the data you need for your 2018 planning? Learn more about Razoo’s Premium Plans and how they can help you get the data you need to plan for the year ahead:


For more details on how to achieve these pieces of your fundraising plan, see our “Creating Your 2018 Fundraising Plan” Webinar:


Still looking for more inspiration on how to start planning for your 2018 fundraising plan? Take Razoo’s three easy steps to get into planning mode with your nonprofit’s key stakeholders:¬† In this blog, you’ll learn what’s most important during your review process, how to find your opportunities for improvement or new strategies in 2018, and how to start plotting out your activities by using the software you already have access to.

Still have questions after checking out our blog, webinar and setting up a demo? Reach out to Razoo’s support team – we’re here to help!

About Ashley Hieb

Ashley began her career in journalism working at a local newspaper. From there she transitioned into the nonprofit sector to share her passion with causes that were making a difference. She specializes in storytelling and crowdfunding strategy.

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