5 Things to Love About Razoo Premium

Happy Valentine’s Day from Razoo!

We consider Razoo Premium our love letter to nonprofits. We considered your needs, listened to your feedback, and worked day and night to create fundraising tools just for your nonprofit. It really was a labor of love! We poured our hearts and souls into creating and perfecting our Premium features. And here’s what we know you’ll love about them.

1. ZERO platform fees. Ever.

The biggest benefit to having a subscription to Razoo Premium isĀ total freedom from platform fees. You’ve told us, year after year, and we’ve listened! With a subscription to Razoo Premium, your nonprofit will never see platform fees deducted from your disbursement when you fundraise on Razoo. You’ll not only have access to awesome fundraising tools, you’ll keep more of the money you raise.

2. Pricing for nonprofits of all sizes and budgets

At Razoo, we know all nonprofits are not the same. They all have different needs, sizes, budgets and resources. So instead of designing a one-size-fits-all fundraising solution, we’ve created a menu of options to suit nonprofits of all sizes.

Whether you’re just getting started at your nonprofit, still growing, or well-established, there’s a Razoo Premium pricing plan that will work for you. And if you’re not quite ready for our Premium fundraising tools, no problem. The Razoo you know and love is still available to use without a subscription.

3. The sweetest fundraising tools around

All of the fundraising tools on a Razoo Premium subscription were designed with love and care and your nonprofit’s needs at the center. Here’s just the Whitman’s sampler of what you’ll get:

  • Advanced Analytics to help you assess your fundraising efforts
  • Data Connect data integration to make your workday easier
  • Priority customer support
  • Branded donation pages to upgrade your widget
  • Branded donation receipts
  • Supporters pages for donor tracking
  • Volunteer management

These fundraising tools were all designed to give your nonprofit more control over the look and feel of your Razoo page, and powerful CRM tools that make managing your fundraising efforts a snap.

4. New ways to show your donors some love

Nonprofit fundraising is all about building relationships with your supporters. And Razoo Premium gives you new ways to show donors you care. Our Supporters pages allow you to track all the important information you need about your donor base. You can add custom tags to help segment your donors, message them through through Razoo and keep track of all their contributions to your nonprofit. (That includes creating fundraisers!)

5. Get a free taste test

Here at Razoo, we know you have tons of options for managing your donations and it’s hard to know which is “the one.” That’s why we’ll give you a free trial to take our Premium fundraising tools for a test drive. The first step is signing up for your free 30-minute demo, where we can talk about your nonprofit’s needs and help you find the right plan for your goals and budget. We’ll walk you through the features, show you how our fundraising tools work, and allow you to spend a little one-on-one time with our product to get to know our Premium features better.

Get started with Razoo Premium by signing up for your free demo!


About Linda Gerhardt

Linda spent most of her career in the nonprofit sector before joining Razoo. She has worked for animal welfare groups large and small, in nearly every position. She specializes in social media strategy, communications, and digital marketing.

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