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#GivingTuesday Email Templates and Best Practices

What’s your #GivingTuesday secret weapon? Your email list. Through email, you can make long-form, targeted appeals to those who have already donated to or expressed interest in your nonprofit’s work and send them straight to your #GivingTuesday page on Razoo to make a donation. Here, we’ll be sharing some #GivingTuesday email templates to help you […]

#GivingTuesday Social Media Guide

#GivingTuesday is a movement borne out of and fueled by social media. Created as a response to both the decadence of Thanksgiving and a the overt consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday challenges people to use social media for good and crack open their wallets to help their communities instead of buying stuff. […]

Razoo Spotlight: Fundraiser for Plaster House Raises $334K

Gail Gettler didn’t have any experience when she started a fundraiser, but knew she needed to help The Plaster House. The Plaster House is a nonprofit based in Arusha, Tanzania. The organization provides pre- and post-operative care for children in need of operable surgeries for which they may not otherwise have access. These include clubbed-foot corrections, […]

Donor Acquisition Dos and Don’ts

Donor acquisition is a puzzle most nonprofits struggle to solve — how do you bring in new, quality supporters without spending a ton of money? With attrition at an all-time high, donor acquisition is critical to fundraising success. According to DonorTrends, 99 donors are lost for every 100 donors gained. So, this means if you aren’t replenishing […]

4 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Prospect Research Like a Pro

This is a guest blog from Bill Tedesco, CEO and Managing Partner for DonorSearch, a company that provides wealth screening, philanthropic reviews, and online prospect research tools exclusively to the nonprofit market. Prospect research is exactly as it sounds: research that nonprofits gather on their donor prospects. Once you compile this information, you can analyze it to […]

Engage Your School with Team Fundraising

School Fundraising: Engage Your School with Team Fundraising There are a ton of benefits to creating a team fundraising campaign for your next school fundraiser. With the school year starting back up, it’s a good time to start planning your fundraisers for the year-ahead. It seems there is never a shortage of things to fundraise […]

Why Should My Nonprofit Participate in a Giving Day?

Giving days are a great way to engage new donors, raise funds and increase your social media engagement. There are hundreds of giving days across the U.S. each year. Chances are, there’s already one in your town. These events focus on gathering the local community together to raise funds for local nonprofits in a 24-hour period. […]