Everything You Need to Know About Organizer Tips on Razoo

What are organizer tips? Learn all about organizer tips, how they work, and how to collect them! Razoo is all about empowering everyday philanthropists to make a difference in the world, and we have designed a feature called Organizer Tips with that in mind. Organizer Tips allow you to earn extra cash while raising money for charity. […]

Wrapping Up Your Charitable Fundraiser on Razoo

Next steps to take when your fundraiser has ended You’ve created your Razoo page, worked hard to raise money for your charitable cause of choice, and now your fundraiser is over. Now what? Ending the fundraiser You picked an end date for your fundraiser when setting up your page, so there’s nothing you need to do to […]

Social Sharing Options for Charitable Fundraisers

A guide to the tools Razoo provides to help you share your fundraiser in Facebook, Twitter, and more Social media is a key way for everyday philanthropists to promote their charitable fundraisers on Razoo and get their family, friends, and community involved in supporting important causes. Razoo is a platform built for social media and our […]

How does the charity get the money I raise on Razoo?

A look at Razoo’s disbursement process and what charitable fundraisers need to know about how funds are distributed Razoo is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to raise money for causes that are important to them. We’ve taken the guesswork out of online charitable fundraising so all charitable fundraisers have to do is […]

How to Choose a Charity for Your Fundraiser on Razoo

How to ensure that you’re picking the correct charity so the funds you raise go to the cause you intended Razoo has worked hard to provide a user-friendly way for everyday philanthropists to rally support from their communities by fundraising for the causes that are important to them. One of the key parts of creating a […]

Razoo Fundraising Basics

A guide to navigating Razoo, customizing your user profile, changing your settings, and managing your fundraisers and contributions If you’re running a charitable fundraiser on Razoo, it’s important to understand how to navigate around Razoo to manage your fundraiser. There are also powerful tools that will help enhance your fundraising efforts. Here’s how to create […]

How to Make Your Charitable Fundraising Page Awesome

How to create a cool, personal, effective page to raise money for charities that are important to you! One of the most generous things you can do for a nonprofit organization you support is fundraise on their behalf. Creating a fundraiser for a nonprofit does more than just help them raise money: It helps build grassroots support […]