Frequently Asked Questions from Donors on Razoo

A one-stop-shop for quick and easy answers to all of your questions about donating on Razoo! Is my donation tax-deductible? If you donated to a charitable organization on Razoo, then yes, your donation is tax-deductible. Donations to personal fundraisers are not tax-deductible. Is my donation secure? Yes! Razoo is a secure site and we are fully compliant […]

K-835 Error Messages When Donating on Razoo

What the K-835 error code means, why you got it, and how to resolve it so your donation can go through Some users, when attempting to complete a donation, may get an error message with the code K-835. This error code means that the transaction has been flagged in our system. There are two main reasons why you […]

How to Leave a Comment and Razoo’s Commenting Policy

How to leave a comment on Razoo and details about our commenting policy Razoo is more than just a platform for online giving — it’s a community of everyday philanthropists coming together to support causes that matter. Razoo has worked hard to provide tools that help Razoo users connect with one another through comments and promote grassroots […]

How to Cancel or Update a Recurring Donation on Razoo

A step-by-step guide to managing your recurring donations on Razoo Razoo was designed to make it easy to support the causes that matter to you, and one of the easiest and most important ways donors can support charities on our platform is making a recurring donation. Recurring donations help charitable organizations keep their programs running throughout […]

Accessing Receipts and Annual Giving Statements on Razoo

Step-by-step instructions for finding receipts for past donations, and downloading or printing your annual giving statement. Razoo aims to make it easy for users to contribute to important causes, so we’ve also made it easy for your to manage your donations by providing receipts and annual giving statements. These are accessible to Razoo users at […]

Razoo User Account Basics

How to create and manage a Razoo account, navigate the Razoo platform, connect through social media, and more. If you’ve made a donation or two on Razoo before, you may not have given much thought to your user account, or even realized that you had one. But your Razoo account is a powerful thing — it allows you […]

How to Make a Donation on Razoo

A start-to-finish guide to supporting the causes that are important to you on Razoo Razoo makes supporting the causes you care about fast, easy, and convenient. Here’s how to make a donation when you’ve found a cause you want to support. To start the donation process, click the blue “Donate” button. (You’ll have to enter some information […]