Where is everything located on my new fundraising website?

We’re so excited to unveil our new fundraising websites for nonprofits on Razoo after careful consideration and feedback from users on our platform. Our updates are intended to help highlight the most important parts of your fundraising efforts and make fundraising management even more simplified. However, with these upgrades comes a few changes to the […]

How to Make Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Website Awesome

A step-by-step, feature-by-feature guide to making your fundraising website on Razoo a magnet for donations! Razoo gives your nonprofit lots of different options for fundraising: project pages, teams, peer-to-peer fundraising. But at the center of all these different types of pages is your nonprofit’s fundraising website. Your fundraising website is the hub of your nonprofit’s […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Nonprofits

How do I add an admin to my organization’s page? To claim your organization’s page on Razoo, you must create a Razoo user account. Every user that wishes to claim admin access to their page must follow these steps: You can become an administrator for your organization’s page on Razoo by following these simple steps: Create a […]

What if my nonprofit isn’t a 501(c)3?

In order to receive donations through Razoo, your organization must be registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) public charity. If your organization is not located in the United States or is waiting to receive 501(c)(3) status, you may consider fiscal sponsorship. Click here to view a directory of organizations willing to act as a fiscal […]

User Account Basics: Nonprofit Admins

Every user on Razoo must have a user account, even users looking to claim access to their organization’s page on Razoo. To claim access, follow these steps. Once you’ve claimed access to your page and have created a user account, you can login and access your user account Profile, where you can access fundraisers, donation history […]

How does my nonprofit receive donations made through Razoo?

Funds are batched together and regranted by the Razoo Foundation. We encourage all organizations to set up direct deposit, or electronic funds transfer (EFT), for your organization’s disbursements. With EFT, you’ll receive your funds on a twice-monthly schedule. For the EFT or direct deposit option, nonprofits can expect to receive their donations on the: — 25th […]

How do I access my organization page?

How do I access and manage my organization page? Once you’ve received your confirmation email from Razoo Support letting you know you’ve been approved as an administrator for your organization’s page on Razoo (learn how to claim access here if you’ve missed that step), it’s time to get your page setup! As your organization’s administrator, you […]