Donor Engagement Tools on Razoo

A guide to using Razoo’s donor engagement tools to grow your online community and cultivate relationships with your supporters Razoo was founded on a belief in the incredible power of community, and our platform was designed to make it easy for your nonprofit organization to engage and build your online community. Here’s a guide to […]

Your nonprofit’s donation management on Razoo

We’ve made donation management even easier on Razoo with the Donations management section on your organization’s fundraising website. One of the most important pieces of online fundraising for your organization is being able to track and manage donation information. As a reminder, you must have admin access to your organization’s fundraising website before you can […]

Managing Your Nonprofit Fundraising Website on Razoo

A guide to the settings that will help you customize your nonprofit fundraising website to suit your nonprofit’s need It wouldn’t be fair to call your Razoo portal an “organization page” because it is so much more than just a page: it is a powerful, multifaceted fundraising website that you can customize to suit your […]

How do I add a matching grant?

How do I incorporate a matching grant into my Razoo page? Matching grants are a proven way to increase your chances of success — studies suggest donors are up to 35% more likely to donate when their gift is matched. So, if you receive a matching grant, adding it to your fundraiser or organization page on Razoo is […]

How do I add the donation widget to my website?

A donation widget can be a useful tool on your organization’s website to ensure a consistent experience for donors. Razoo’s donation widget makes it easy to make a donation in less than 5 clicks on your organization’s website. Our donation widget is compatible with most websites, including Medium, Tumblr and WordPress blogs. How to Add […]

How can I include checks and cash my organization received on Razoo?

Fundraising takes many forms. We understand that you may receive checks or cash in-person to count towards your fundraiser’s goal, too. While Razoo does not process these donations, we can help you display them in your fundraiser total. For this reason, you can use the Offline Donations feature on your organization’s fundraiser. Please note: This […]

How to Make Your Nonprofit Fundraising Page Awesome

As someone working in the nonprofit sector, you know that your story is what it’s all about. A compelling narrative brings in donors, gets them emotionally involved in your cause, and can make all the difference in whether a fundraising campaign is successful or a total dud. Your fundraising page on Razoo is where you […]