Tips for Securing Matching Grants on #GivingTuesday

A #GivingTuesday matching grants are when a funder will match a certain amount of money raised online on November 28, 2017, on the condition that the same amount also be raised in online donations that day. Matching grants can help you double your dollars raised . And donors are easily motivated to give if they know […]

Nonprofit Storytelling for #GivingTuesday

Your nonprofit’s story and message is what it’s all about. Good nonprofit storytelling is what gets people interested in the work you do, inspire them to donate to your cause and keep them invested. And on #GivingTuesday, they are even more important because you’re raising funds under a deadline. To ensure that your nonprofit is […]

#GivingTuesday: Checklist for Success

A guide to making sure you’ve crossed your t’s, dotted your i’s, and are ready to raise lots of money for your nonprofit on November 28, 2017! This checklist will guide you through planning a successful #GivingTuesday campaign. It will take 15–30 hours of staff time for your organization to prepare well — and following this plan will […]

How to Make the Most of Your End of Year Fundraising With Razoo!

We all know how critical the final month of the year can be for fundraising. December is by far the busiest month of the year for giving, that’s certainly the case here at The holiday season has people in the mood to give back, and those year-end tax deductions don’t hurt either! Do you […]

Storytelling for Online Fundraisers

A good story is essential to having a successful online fundraiser. Online fundraising campaigns can go viral when they have relatable, inspiring or moving stories. People make decisions about whether to donate to a fundraiser based on its story. The story is such an important factor that it’s easy to freeze up when you’re creating a crowdfunding […]