7 Traits of Highly Effective Team Organizers

Learn from the secret to team fundraising success! Razoo examines the traits and habits all leaders of high-performing teams possess. Razoo’s team fundraising tools are designed so that anyone can create a cool, customized team page and organize a group of people to fundraise as a team — our platform was created with the everyday user in mind, […]

Bringing People Together for a Common Cause

There are a few key motivating factors that encourage individuals to give back, including altruism, feeling good and recognition. One of the most important parts of charitable giving is giving to a cause that’s important to you. There are a few key motivating factors that encourage individuals to give back. This list is not meant to […]

Benefits of Team Fundraising

There are a slew of benefits that come from team fundraising, including building camaraderie, bringing in new supporters and increasing engagement. On Razoo, team fundraising campaigns receive 60% more donations than solo fundraisers. The transparency of a leaderboard subconsciously engages team members to be more competitive and try to raise more funds. After all, who […]

Guide to Designing Your Team Page on Razoo

How to use Razoo’s design tools to make your team page look customized, professional and true to your brand Razoo’s team fundraising product gives you more options to customize your page, add your branding, and put your personal stamp on the page. This is a guide to using the design tools on Razoo to make your […]

New on Razoo: Your Team’s General Fund

Managing Your Team’s General Fund Team fundraising is easier than ever on Razoo. With our new team fundraising experience, there are so many ways to customize your team’s page. Read about all of them here. One of our most exciting — and most requested — features is the ability to add a General Fund to your team page. General funds are […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Teams Fundraising on Razoo

A one-stop shop for information about team fundraising on Razoo! How it works, troubleshooting common questions, and more. Teams on Razoo are a great way to add friendly competition to your fundraising efforts on Razoo. Teams can also help bring in new donors and supports, build grassroots support for your cause, and help you reach new […]

How to Make Your Team Fundraising Page Awesome

A guide to creating your team page, using its features, and optimizing your page for a successful team fundraising campaign Razoo allows users to collaborate with others to raise money for important causes with our teams product. Teams on Razoo have seen an increase of 60% more donations over last year. On average, teams now […]