How to Leave a Comment and Razoo’s Commenting Policy

How to leave a comment on Razoo and details about our commenting policy

Razoo is more than just a platform for online giving — it’s a community of everyday philanthropists coming together to support causes that matter. Razoo has worked hard to provide tools that help Razoo users connect with one another through comments and promote grassroots generosity.

How to leave a comment on Razoo

Users can leave comments while making a donations to fundraisers on Razoo, but donating is not necessary to leave a supportive comment on a fundraiser page.

Commenting while making a donation: Nonprofit organizations can choose to prompt you to leave a comment while making a donation. If the page you’re donating to has comments enabled during the donation flow, you will see this screen when completing your donation:

Simply type your comment into the text box. You can even use emoji to make your comment pop! To add emoji to your comment, click the smiley face icon on the top-right corner of the text box.

You can also choose to show your comment only to the organizer of the fundraiser. This means it won’t display on the page, but the nonprofit or individual who created the fundraiser will be able to view your comment. To make a private comment while making a donation, check the box that says “Only show my comment to the organizer of the fundraiser.”

Once you’ve completed your comment, click “Continue” at the bottom of the window.

When you leave a public comment through the donation flow, it will display at the bottom of the page as well as in the donation timeline.

Please note that anonymous comments are not allowed on Razoo, so even if you’ve hidden your donation from public view, your name will show with your comment. If you do not wish to have your name displayed publicly along with your comment, you should opt to show your comment only to the organizer of the fundraiser.

Commenting directly: You can leave a comment directly on Razoo pages by going to the bottom of the page and typing your comment directly into the text box that says “Join the conversation.”

You will need to connect Facebook to your account in order to to leave a comment, so if you are not logged into your Razoo account or your Razoo account does not have Facebook connected, you will be prompted to log in with Facebook in order to leave a comment.

Your comment will not post to your Facebook page, as we will never post anything on your behalf without your permission.

Once you’ve written your comment, click “Comment” to post your comment to the page.

Razoo commenting policy

Per Razoo’s Terms of Use:

“The services you are receiving from Razoo (and the collaborative charitable services you may receive from the Razoo Foundation) are provided for personal use to promote grassroots generosity and philanthropic charity. No one may use these services or the Razoo Website for any commercial purpose, or for any other purpose without our prior written consent.

You may not use the services provided by Razoo and the Foundation or the Razoo Website for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. While using the Razoo Website, you must comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations.”

Comments that violate these terms may be removed at the discretion of Razoo’s staff, without notification to the commenter.

Razoo also has the right to remove comments, with or without notice, that are found to be in violation of the Appropriate User Content section of our Terms of Use. This means that we may remove content that our staff deems to be obscene, illegal, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable, or infringe or violate any party’s intellectual property or other proprietary rights.

Razoo does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any information, ideas or opinions posted by users and is not liable for any claims, damages or losses resulting from such information, ideas, or opinions.

Users may not use our comment section to sell or advertise goods or services.

The content of comments on our platform does not reflect the views of Razoo Global Corporation.

If you have any questions about commenting on Razoo, please contact us at