Razoo User Account Basics

How to create and manage a Razoo account, navigate the Razoo platform, connect through social media, and more.

If you’ve made a donation or two on Razoo before, you may not have given much thought to your user account, or even realized that you had one. But your Razoo account is a powerful thing — it allows you to quickly make donations to causes you support, access your donation history and annual giving statements, interact with other Razoo users, and even create your own fundraisers.

Here’s how to create a user account and navigate Razoo to find the features you’re looking for.

Navigating Razoo

We’ve designed our website to be user-friendly. All of the options you need to get around on Razoo are right at the top of the page.

This navigation bar will appear on every page on Razoo, so you can always get to where you need to go. Here is what the different options do:

If you’re new to Razoo or not logged into your account, you’ll see the options to sign up or log in.

When you are logged into your Razoo account, you’ll see your name and user avatar on the right side of the navigation bar. (If you haven’t uploaded an avatar yet, it will be a randomly-assigned illustration.)

When you are logged in and hover over your name with your mouse, you’ll be able to access your site menu.

Navigating Razoo on a mobile device or tablet

Razoo doesn’t have a separate mobile site, but it will look a bit different on a mobile device or tablet because Razoo is designed to be responsive to the size of your screen. Here’s what your homepage looks like:

Your site menu is nested under the 3 horizontal bars on the upper-left size of the screen. When you tap the bars, you’ll see the following options:

And when you’re logged in, you’ll see a link to your profile, where you can access your fundraisers, donations, and more.

Signing up for a Razoo account

If you’re new to Razoo and would like to create an account, click “Sign up” from the navigation bar. You have a couple of different options for how you’d like to sign up.

You can login with your Facebook account, with Google, or with your email address. Choose whatever option is easiest for you!

Sign up method and permissions needed

Facebook: When you choose to sign up using your Facebook account, you will need to log into your Facebook account (unless you’re already logged in). Click “Continue as [Your Name]” to proceed. We will access your friend list, email address, and location. We don’t post on your behalf, and we won’t have access to your private information.

Google: You can sign up easily using your Google account. Many of us are logged in to Google already (especially if you’re using Chrome), so this option makes signing up and staying logged in a snap. Razoo will need to access your email address and public profile information. We will not have access to your emails, Google Drive, or any other personal information.

Email: This simplest option, you can sign up using your email address. Razoo does not need any additional permissions when you sign up with email.

Your user profile

When you sign up for Razoo, you’ll have a user profile page where you can track contributions and access receipts for donations, manage recurring donations, manage any fundraisers you’ve created, and add a photo and information that shows your personality to the Razoo community.

You can access your user profile in two ways from your site menu. When you’re logged in, you can click either “Profile” or “Your Fundraisers” to access your profile.

When you’re on your profile page, you’ll see your name and user avatar (which is a randomly-assigned illustration if you haven’t uploaded an original one yet). When you scroll down, you will see different tabs that you can toggle between.

Profile sections and what’s there

Friends on Razoo, interactions with other Razoo users

A list of donations, likes, and shares. Provides a link to the page you contributed to, receipts for donations, ability to stop recurring donations, and the dates of the contributions.

Any fundraisers you’ve created on Razoo, listed by whether the fundraiser was personal or charitable, with a link to the fundraiser page so you can manage it.

This option will only appear to users who have administrative access to a nonprofit organization page on Razoo.

Editing your profile

To customize your user profile, click the blue “Edit Profile” button.

When you’re editing your profile, you can upload a photo of yourself to use as your user avatar, share your location, write a short profile, and fill out a fun Q&A that helps the Razoo community get to know you.

Your profile is also where you can manage any linked social media accounts.

Your contribution history

One of the most important parts of your Razoo account is your contribution history. You can view, download, and print receipts, manage recurring donations, and download annual giving statements from this section of your Razoo account.

To view your contribution history, go to Profile from your site menu.

You’ll find your contribution history under the “Your Contributions” tab.

Razoo considers every share, like, and comment a “contribution” as well so you’ll see any record of these actions in the “Your Contributions” tab alongside your monetary donations.

Annual giving statement: If you have a giving statement for the previous year available, you will find it in the “Your Contributions” tab at the top. It is a hyperlink that will take you to an itemized list you can use to claim monetary charitable donations on your taxes.

Recurring donations: Underneath the tile card to the Razoo page to which you set up a recurring donation, you’ll see the amount of your donation, the date of your last donation, and “Stop Donation.” If you would like to stop your recurring donation, you can click “Stop Donation” to cancel the recurring donation immediately.

Receipts: Under one-time donations, you’ll see “Get Receipt” under the tile card for the Razoo page to which you donate. You can view, download, and print your receipt at any time by clicking “Get Receipt.”

If you have a lot of contributions and cannot find a donation, like, or share you’re looking for, it might be further down the page if it’s older. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling to go further back in your contribution history.

Your account settings

You can manage your Razoo account from your Settings page. Here’s what you can update or edit from your Settings page:

You can update your email address. You can only use an email address on one Razoo account, so you won’t be able to add an email address that’s being used on another Razoo account.

This is where you can update your password.

When you create a Razoo account, you are automatically opted into receiving certain emails from us. You can manage the notifications you receive in your account settings.

To make donating simple and easy, you can save your credit card information to your Razoo account, so you won’t have to enter it each time you donate. You can view which payment methods you have saved to your account here, and remove any payment methods you would like.

You can connect your bank account to your Razoo account. This feature is for people running personal fundraisers, so if you’re on Razoo to donate, you don’t need to worry about this option and should save your credit card information under Payment Methods.

You can connect social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram accounts to your Razoo account. This section of your settings page is where you can see which accounts are connected, and remove accounts you do not want connected to your Razoo account.

Deleting your Razoo account

Users cannot delete their own accounts on Razoo, but our customer support staff is happy to delete your account for you. Contact us at support@razoo.com if you’d like to delete your account.