What is Razoo?

An overview of the Razoo platform, the work we do, and services we provide.

Razoo is an online fundraising platform used by nonprofit organizations and individuals to raise money for charitable and personal causes.

Razoo is named for a slang term for an imaginary coin of no value — it can be hard to achieve your goals when you haven’t even got a “brass razoo” to spare. But crowdfunding on Razoo empowers ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things by providing an easy-to-use platform where users can create fundraising pages to collect donations from their friends, families, and communities.

Razoo was founded in 2006 to help underfunded nonprofits and people in need lift themselves up, and lift each other up, with the power of crowdfunding. Since then we have grown into an industry leader that serves thousands of nonprofit organizations across the United States, hosts multi-million dollar, community-led Giving Events, empowers everyday people to raise money for themselves or their favorite charitable causes, and build grassroots support with easy social sharing options. We have raised over $500 million on Razoo since our inception, and that number is growing each day.

Razoo facts:

  • Making donations on Razoo is safe and secure.
  • Razoo does not impose goal requirements, so even if a fundraiser does not meet its goal, they will get to keep all of the donations they receive.
  • All nonprofit’s are opted into our free pricing plan – we retain a small percentage of each transaction. (Find out more about Razoo’s pricing.)
  • We do offer subscription plans for nonprofit’s interested in a Premium fundraising experience. (Learn more about Premium Subscription plans on Razoo.)

How it works

Nonprofit organizations

Certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization can use Razoo year-round to raise money for their cause. Donors can make one-time donations, or choose to make recurring donation through Razoo. Razoo offers a donation widget that can be embedded on websites, blogs, and Facebook to collect donations. Nonprofits can also creating fundraisers for specific campaigns or programs and organize peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Donations made on Razoo go to the Razoo Foundation, which is a donor-advised fund. On a monthly basis, the Foundation batches together the previous month’s donations and sends that amount to the nonprofit as a grant. This allows Razoo to issue tax receipts and annual giving statements to donors, easing administrative burdens.

Find out more about nonprofit fundraising on Razoo.

Charitable fundraisers

On Razoo, individuals can set up fundraisers for their favorite charities on Razoo. Users can create a page connected to a charity on Razoo and collect donations from their family, friends, and people in their social network to support causes that matter to them. Because Razoo sends payments directly to nonprofits, donors can feel secure that the money they contribute goes directly to the cause they support.

Learn more about charity fundraising on Razoo.

Personal cause fundraisers

Anyone can sign up for an account on Razoo and raise money for a personal cause, whether it’s medical bills, emergencies, pet expenses, or helping a loved one in need. Personal cause fundraisers create a page where they can tell their story and collect donations. Payments are processed by our payment processor, and then transferred into the fundraiser’s bank account after a brief holding period.

Read more about personal cause fundraising on Razoo.

If you have any additional questions about what Razoo is and how our platform works, contact our friendly support staff at support@razoo.com.

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