Where is everything located on my new fundraising website?

We’re so excited to unveil our new fundraising websites for nonprofits on Razoo after careful consideration and feedback from users on our platform.

Our updates are intended to help highlight the most important parts of your fundraising efforts and make fundraising management even more simplified.

However, with these upgrades comes a few changes to the structure of our standard features on your new fundraising website. So, let’s dive into where you can find that information now:

Where’s the teal Manage Page button?

We’ve ditched the Manage Page button for our in-line editor (consistent with team page editing and fundraising editing abilities on Razoo). Now, you can view changes you’ve made to your page in real-time so you can decide if you like the new color you chose before you get out of the editor. To edit your page, just click the “Edit” tab on the left-hand side of the page. Here, you can change the logo, display name, theme color, categories and your story. You can also view your Donations Report and Settings.

What happened to my gallery?

The first thing you’ll notice is that your gallery isn’t prominently displayed at the top of the page below your organization’s name. Instead, a background image and a logo space create a more polished look for your organization.

Our data shows that few donors click through the scrolling gallery of images, missing many of the photos you’ve painstakingly chosen to showcase your organization’s work. Instead, we’ve moved your photos to the Media Gallery, where you can display all your photos in one place. You can drag and drop right on the page to change the order for what you think looks best.

Please note: This media gallery does not support videos. You can embed videos into your Story section, instead, to help break up the text and give context to your videos.

Plus, you can now include Facebook albums and Instagram photos directly onto your organization’s fundraising website that update in real-time when you add new photos to those pages or accounts, so consider adding those to your page to make it more visual.

Where’s my donor count and total amount raised?

Don’t worry! This information is still publicly displayed — we’ve just moved it next to the Donation button, which is now centrally located on your page. This helps provide a clear call to action to donors on the page and makes your Donate button pop more.

Where do I put my logo that gets displayed in the Search?

Your logo is now even easier to find and upload on Razoo! Now, when you visit your organization’s fundraising website the logo is displayed in a tile, front and center (providing even more visibility for your brand). A tile is the term used to describe a space on a website that’s used to organize content in a responsive framework.

Instead of visiting a tab and checking a box to choose a thumbnail from your gallery, you can upload whatever you’d like to your logo directly on the page — just click the pencil next to the square tile in the center of your page to add your logo!

What happened to my custom donation amounts and descriptions?

We’ve moved your custom donation levels from the “What Your Donation Accomplishes” section into the donation checkout process, so donors still see the top 4 options when they go to make their donation to your nonprofit.

Where’s the About the Organization box?

You can still display your address, website, email and phone number information for your organization, and we encourage you to do so! This information is helpful for donors looking to get more information about your organization or to engage with you in more ways. This box is no longer located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen above the “Start a Fundraiser” button.

Instead, we’ve moved it to the center bottom of the page and made the box bigger to show the information more prominently. Click the pencil in the top right-corner of the box to edit the information displayed.

How do I start a fundraiser for my organization?

You can now start a fundraiser by clicking “Fundraise” at the top of the page — this will make fundraising a more prominent call-to-action on your organization’s fundraising website and encourage supporters to both give and fundraise on your organization’s behalf.

How do I access my organization’s donation information?

Click the $ sign on the in-line editor on the page to get to your organization’s donor data on Razoo. This is where you can access the aggregated donor data for all the fundraising activity for your organization on Razoo (same as the previous organization page).

Instead of viewing all columns on the screen, which can be overwhelming, we now display the most important donation information here. However, you can still see all the details of the donation (net fees, source, fundraiser, comment, etc.) when you download the .CSV file of the donations report. Just click “download this range” to export the file and see all the hidden columns.

How do I view disbursement information?

Your disbursements are the checks you’ve been sent from the Razoo Foundation for funds donated to your organization on our platform, and it’s important to know how much you can expect to receive and the status of your funds.

You can view disbursement information in the Donors section on your dashboard (where the “$” is located). At the top of the page, you’ll see the “Disbursements” tab more prominently displayed next to matching grants and donors. Click on disbursements to see all your checks/direct deposited funds you’ve received via Razoo. You can change your disbursement address or set up EFT in this tab, too!

Where do I reset my metrics counter?

You can find miscellaneous editing options, such as your metrics counter and your ability to opt into receiving donor addresses, in your Settings (the gear button on the left-hand side dashboard). You can also customize your thank you and your donation levels in Settings, among other items!