Why Should My Nonprofit Participate in a Giving Day?

Giving days are a great way to engage new donors, raise funds and increase your social media engagement. There are hundreds of giving days across the U.S. each year. Chances are, there’s already one in your town. These events focus on gathering the local community together to raise funds for local nonprofits in a 24-hour period. […]

The Razoo Guide to Donor Engagement and Retention

You do all the hard work to bring in new donors when you have an event, or a special campaign. But what happens next? Razoo has the scoop on keeping your donor engagement and retention. These steps will keep your donors invested in your cause, and keep them coming back to donate time after time. According […]

Build a better Fundraising Website for your Nonprofit with Razoo

Your website is critical to your online fundraising success. Razoo’s fundraising websites are designed to help you raise more funds for your nonprofit. Your next fundraising campaign is right around the corner. You work hard developing a strong communications plan, a comprehensive multi-channel strategy that blends email outreach, social media and more. How much time […]

School exceeds goal in first online team fundraiser

Razoo Spotlight: School exceeds goal in first online team fundraiser The American Preparatory Academy is a charter school with eight campuses across the U.S. Each year, the APA in Las Vegas brings the community together through a carnival event in the fall. In 2016, the school felt like adding a fun run in the spring […]