Finding Your Perfect Match (Grantor)

You’ve heard it a few dozen times before: Matching grants increase the likelihood of getting a donation. According to TechSoup, mentioning matching gifts in fundraising appeals results in a 71% increase in the response rate and a 51% increase in the average donation amount. With #GivingTuesday just one month away, it’s even more important than […]

#GivingTuesday Planning Guide

This guide contains 10 steps your nonprofit can take to set goals and develop a fundraising strategy for #GivingTuesday. If you haven’t already, register now for #GivingTuesday on Razoo to access fee-free fundraising for your nonprofit, along with free webinars, coaching sessions and fundraising resources.  Once you’ve registered, you can shift your focus to start […]

#GivingTuesday Email Templates and Best Practices text overlayed on a photo of glasses resting on a laptop

#GivingTuesday Email Templates and Best Practices

What’s your #GivingTuesday secret weapon? Your email list. Through email, you can make long-form, targeted appeals to those who have already donated to or expressed interest in your nonprofit’s work and send them straight to your #GivingTuesday page on Razoo to make a donation. Here, we’ll be sharing some #GivingTuesday email templates to help you […]

Why Should My Nonprofit Participate in a Giving Day?

Giving days are a great way to engage new donors, raise funds and increase your social media engagement. There are hundreds of giving days across the U.S. each year. Chances are, there’s already one in your town. These events focus on gathering the local community together to raise funds for local nonprofits in a 24-hour period. […]

Why should you register for #GivingTuesday right now?

4 reasons why you should register for #GivingTuesday before enjoying the lazy days of summer. It’s finally summer, meaning you’re likely closing out one fiscal year and starting fresh in the next one. You’ve completed the budget process, wrapped up your annual gala and reconciled your database. The interns are en route and the bosses are […]

Case study: The Women’s Foundation of California triples their donors on Razoo

Case Study: The Women’s Foundation Of California Triples Their Donors On Razoo In the Fall of 2014, The Women’s Foundation of California geared up for their second annual #GivingTuesday campaign on Razoo, their second ever attempt at crowdfunding. They crafted a customized campaign with great messaging and solicited a handful of key offline donors to provide […]

GivingTuesday on Razoo: Successful Online Fundraising

#GivingTuesday on Razoo: A time to reflect amidst the season of giving When I moved to Washington, D.C., two years ago, I immediately began working in the development department at one of the region’s largest hunger relief nonprofits. As part of a large-scale fundraising team, the climate this time of year can be busy and chaotic, […]