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Nonprofit Integrated Marketing: How to Implement It

This is part two of a series on nonprofit integrated marketing. Read the first post if you haven’t already!  So you’ve read up on nonprofit integrated marketing and you’re sold on its benefits. But how does it work, exactly? What steps should your nonprofit take to start integrating your efforts? Here’s the scoop on how […]

peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for #GivingTuesday

It might surprise you to know that, yes, there is a foolproof fundraising method that will help you raise more money and increase your reach on #GivingTuesday. It’s called peer-to-peer fundraising.  Adding peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday will help expand your reach, to bring in new donors and more dollars for your campaign. Make sure to […]

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Integrated Marketing Communications for Nonprofits: A Primer

“Integrated marketing communications” sounds like a buzzword, doesn’t it? Something you hear people say at meetings, but doesn’t seem to have an actual meaning. It sounds like it would fit right in with terms like “take it offline” and “move the needle” and “leverage synergies.” But it does have a real meaning. And, more importantly, it […]

Top Elements for a Successful Nonprofit Story

This is a guest blog for Razoo by Clay Boggess, Senior Consultant at Big Fundraising Ideas With 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States, there is a lot of competition to win over donors for your cause. To stand out from the crowd, nonprofits must learn to tell a clear, compelling and engaging story, instead […]

nonprofit storytelling for giving tuesday

Nonprofit Storytelling for #GivingTuesday

With #GivingTuesday 2017 officially less than two months away, your nonprofit has (hopefully) already started planning out your communications plan for this year’s giving day. But, what is the secret to nonprofit storytelling for #GivingTuesday? Rebecca Goodhart, Deputy Director at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, shared her tips for nonprofit storytelling for #GivingTuesday on a recent […]

Give Day

Raise more funds for your Give Day with Razoo

Give Days are a powerful way to bring your community together. By coming together collectively, you can raise more funds and spread the word about causes that are making a difference in your community. Whether you are a Community Foundation hosting your first ever Give Day, or a State University with a number of Higher […]

#GivingTuesday Planning Guide

This guide contains 10 steps your nonprofit can take to set goals and develop a fundraising strategy for #GivingTuesday. If you haven’t already, register now for #GivingTuesday on Razoo to access fee-free fundraising for your nonprofit, along with free webinars, coaching sessions and fundraising resources.  Once you’ve registered, you can shift your focus to start […]